• After I Get My Permits What Happens Next?
  • Are There Any Standards for Cameron Parish?
  • Is There a Fee for any of the Permits?
  • What do I Need to do to Obtain My Permits?
  • Where do I get the Permits?
  • Who Needs a Permit?
    Q: After I Get My Permits What Happens Next?
    A: Once you've obtained the proper permits, you're ready to proceed with your project. Post your permit at the work site and call the Permit Office as soon as you're ready for each inspection.

    The parish will assign a municipal address that must be displayed on the structure at the time of inspection. The house numbers must be made of permanent material and contrasting color so it can be easily seen (wood and metal numbers). If the structure is set back more than 50 feet from the street, put the numbers at the driveway on one of the following: gate post, fence post, mailbox post, or other permanent structure.

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    Q: Are There Any Standards for Cameron Parish?
    A: Yes! Cameron Parish has adopted, parishwide, the National Electrical Code, Louisiana State Plumbing Code, International Residential Code, International Building Code (for commercial work), International Mechanical Code, and the International Fuel Gas Code, and will require all building, mechanical, gas, electrical, and plumbing work to comply with these codes.
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    Q: Is There a Fee for any of the Permits?

    Yes, there are fees for all permits, which may be paid with cash or personal check.

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    Q: What do I Need to do to Obtain My Permits?
    A: You need to call the Permit Office as soon as you decide to develop your property. Portions of the parish are located in flood hazard areas; therefore, some structures must meet elevation requirements. Click here to check on your elevation requirement and flood zone. The next step is to contact the Cameron Parish Health Unit to obtain approval of your sewage system. After obtaining sewage approval from the Health Unit, come into the Permit Development Office with the following information to complete your permit application:
    • Approval from the Health Unit on the sewage system (475-3237)
    • Legal description of the property (i.e. abstract, tax assessment, or deed)
    • Square footage under roof
    • Estimated cost of development (excluding land)
    • Number of circuits in panel box when structure is complete (excluding manufactured homes)
    • Building plans required (2 sets to scale with details)
    • Name of utility company that services your area
    • Number of plumbing fixtures
    • Elevation surveys, if applicable
      (a) elevation of ground survey submitted with application
      (b) elevation of floor and electrical equipment to be submitted when structure is moved on or floor constructed
    • Site plan for all development.
    • State Fire Marshal approval for all non-residential development and apartments (800) 256-5452, or visit their website at www.dps.state.la.us/sfm/index.html

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    Q: Where do I get the Permits?
    A: Permits are obtained at the Cameron Parish Police Jury Office located at 148 Smith Circle, Cameron, LA.  Office hours are from 8:00 am - 4:00pm, Monday thru Friday.
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    Q: Who Needs a Permit?

    Anyone who is planning any type of construction, moving a manufactured home or any other structure on their property, or anyone adding on or remodeling, needs to obtain a permit.

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